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Q: Where should I unzip the files?
A: The best place to put them is under your "installation point" which is where RDS is installed on your PC. If you place them on another disk drive or in a different folder, they might not work as intended. The recommended folder name is ProMRDS.

Q: Why do I have to compile the sample code?
A: Samples can be distributed as binary files using the DssDeploy package. This is how ProMRDS was originally distributed. However, DssDeploy packages are specific to particular versions of RDS because RDS uses strong naming and code signing. This lead to some frustration for users so now the code is distributed only in source form, i.e. you have to compile it on your own PC. In any case, the samples are intended for learning so source code is essential.

Q: The samples won't compile and the projects seem to refer to a path belonging to some other user. What's wrong?
A: Did you run setup.cmd? This executes the DssProjectMigration tool which is responsible for updating the paths in solution and project files. Please read the Installation Instructions.

Q: Why do I keep getting messages from DssHost that it cannot find some service?
A: The most likely problem is that you did not run buildall.cmd or that it did not complete successfully (which happens sometimes). Try to open the solution for the missing service and compile it manually. The compilation might fail due to another missing DLL. In that case, compile the other service(s) too.

Q: Can I just download one of the samples (or Chapters)?
A: Although this is technically possible via the Source Code page, it is not advisable. Firstly, there are several files in each solution and if you miss one then it won't work. Secondly, a lot of the samples are inter-dependent. You can easily end up chasing your tail as you download sample after sample trying to satisfy the dependencies.

Q: How do I get RDS to work with my robot?
A: In general, this is not a question that can be answered in a few sentences. That's why there is a textbook about it :-) The best approach is to learn about RDS first by running some of the samples. Then find a sample robot that is as similar as possible to your robot and try modifying the services to suit your robot.

Q: Can you help me with my assignment/homework/project?
A: Questions in the Discussion forum that are obviously related to school-work will often be ignored. These tasks are assigned to you to help you to learn. Getting somebody else to do the work for you is not only cheating, it achieves nothing for you personally. Besides, it is often impossible to answer high-level questions like "How can I make a robot with an arm that finds and picks up Coke cans?" in a Discussion forum.

Q: Can I use some of the samples in my own code?
A: Yes, that's what Open Source is all about! However, you should read the License carefully. In particular you must not remove any Copyright notices that you find in the code. In fact, we would appreciate you adding a link to this web site so that more people can find out about it and hopefully contribute to the community.

Q: What should I do if I find a bug?
A: Please report it on the Discussions page.

Q: Do you plan to create more samples?
A: The short answer is "no". This package is big enough already! However, additional samples will be released from time to time as separate CodePlex projects.

Q: Can I contribute to the samples on this site?
A: Yes. If you are interested, contact Trevor Taylor. You should have some sample code already written to show that you understand RDS development and have something to contribute.

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