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ProMRDS Documentation

Because the code in this project is a set of samples from a textbook, the best source of documentation is the book itself. However, you do not have to buy the book to download and use the code. The objective of this site is not to sell books, but to provide easy access to the latest code updates.

The original ProMRDS web site contains some additional information that has not been duplicated here. Also, once you have installed the samples you can open ReadMe.htm in a web browser.

Frequently Asked Questions
Please refer to the FAQ before you ask questions in the Discussion forum.

Installation Instructions
There is a separate page for the Installation Instructions. Please be sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid having to ask questions about common problems. Also read the FAQ before posting to the Discussions page.

NOTE: As of RDS 4 you must use Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 on Windows 7. Please upgrade to these versions before attempting to install RDS 4 or the ProMRDS samples.

Release Notes
The Compact Framework (CF) samples have been broken since RDS 2008. There have been almost no questions about CF services. RDS 2008 R3 dropped support for CF, so the CF samples are no longer supported.

For more detailed release notes, see Updates page on the original ProMRDS web site.

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