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Project Description

The Professional MRDS project is the most up-to-date repository for the source code examples from the book "Professional Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio". These C# and VPL samples can be used by novices through to advanced programmers to learn about robotics using RDS.

Now updated to RDS 4 (RDS 2008 R3 version still available)
RDS 4 version requires Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010
This is the final release of ProMRDS. It will no longer be updated.

Contents of the Project
This project contains a large number of samples for RDS that cover the following areas:
  1. MRDS Architecture - Decentralized Software Services (DSS), Concurrency and Coordination Runtime (CCR), using Windows Forms and Web Forms, live video with a Web Camera
  2. Visual Simulation Environment - How to use the Simulator and develop new simulation entities
  3. Visual Programming Language (VPL) - Programming using Dataflow Diagrams
  4. Using Real Robotics Hardware - Controlling wheeled robots and a robotic arm, as well as writing new hardware services
A detailed list of contents is included in the ZIP file.

Installation Instructions
There is a separate page for the Installation Instructions. Please be sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid having to ask questions about common problems. Also read the FAQ before posting to the Discussions page.

IMPORTANT NOTES: When you unzip, you must place the files under your RDS installation folder. Also, you must run setup.cmd before you try to run buildall.cmd. As of the RDS 4 Beta only Visual Studio 2010 projects are supported and these projects use .NET 4.0.

Book Icon
The original web site for the book samples is (This is referred to here as the "ProMRDS" web site. The page you are looking now at is the "CodePlex" site.) This textbook was written by Kyle Johns and Trevor Taylor.

After 4 years, it is time to call it quits. Kyle and I no longer work for the Microsoft Robotics Group and
many of the robots in the book are no longer available. The cost of maintaining the code, both in time
and dollars to buy hardware, are not justified any more. And in case anyone is interested, the book never
paid off the initial author advance so it was a loss-maker for John Wiley and they are not interested in
a Second Edition.

We had fun working with robots. We hope that the people who used the book and the samples found it
fun as well.


This is an independent software project. It is not affiliated with or supported by Microsoft. No connection with Microsoft is implied. The name Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (abbreviated here to RDS) is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

The RDS services in this project are intended for educational purposes only and should not be used for commercial packages because their reliability is not guaranteed.


The code in this project was originally published by Wrox (a Wiley Publishing company). The code is released here with the permission of Wiley.

Release History

  • First release, May 2008 - The original book samples were published on the Wrox web site. This version of the code ran under Robotics Studio 1.5. It is now obsolete. Please do not use the code from the Wrox site or ask for support because V1.5 is no longer available from Microsoft.
  • RDS 2008 Update, January 2009 - Robotics Developer Studio 2008 was released in November 2008 and the book samples were updated and re-released on the ProMRDS web site.
  • RDS 2008 R2 Update, July 2009 - An update to RDS, called RDS 2008 R2, was released by Microsoft in June 2009. The samples were again updated and posted to the ProMRDS web site.
  • CodePlex Release, January 2010 - The samples were posted to CodePlex (this web site) as the new repository for future releases.
  • RDS 2008 R3 Update, June 2010 - An update to RDS, called RDS 2008 R3, was released by Microsoft in May 2010. The samples were again updated and posted to this web site.
  • RDS 4 Beta Update, October 2011 - An update to RDS, called RDS 4 Beta, was released by Microsoft in September 2011. The samples were again updated and posted to this web site. THIS VERSION HAS BEEN DELETED.
  • RDS 4 Update, April 2012 - RDS 4 was released by Microsoft in March 2012. The samples were again updated and posted to this web site.

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